Testimonials of Success


  • “ABRC is Illinois’ banking industry answer to highest quality pre-license insurance education.”

    Linda Koch, President & CEO, Illinois Bankers Association

  • "I Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Jim and the entire ABRC staff. I had no experience with insurance and needed the licensing to start my new job. With Jim's assistance, I was able to pass P&C and Life & Health all within a matter of 3 weeks. The knowledge and confidence instilled in me during the class was incredibly beneficial and largely why I am able to be licensed in each line. I found the book and highlighting to be helpful, as well as the repetitive questioning and memory/example type conversations Jim had for us. . ."
    "All in all I give this class/program a 10 out of 10! Thank you so much Jim!"

Katelyn Powers, Snedeker Risk Management, Havana, IL

  • "Just a note to thank you, again, for the fabulous job of providing IL P&C and Life & Health pre-licensing course training. I am happy to report that I passed all 4 Exams and feel I couldn’t have done it without your courses of  instruction! Being a veteran insurance guy I quickly came to realize when taking the Exams that without your instruction I may have chosen many wrong answers that would have been based on my general insurance industry knowledge, instead of the carefully constructed course programs you presented. Beyond the actual course curriculum, your intuitive instructions fully prepared the attendees who paid attention during the 2-day classes I participated in for the nuanced questions actually posed in the Exams. You are exactly right in telling all the folks to pay particular attention to each word contained in Exam questions and to not be taken off guard by “reverse” or “negative” questions/choices. Well done – Bravo"

Louis Franco, Benefinity, Wheaton, IL

  • "I used ABRC for my Life & Health exam.  I passed the test on the very first try! The ABRC material is thorough and makes sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to teaching you what you need to know. Can't wait to use their products again for my continuing education as well as my securities licenses. Thanks for helping me pass ABRC!"

     Lauren Glenn, Downers Grove, IL

  • “Your course did an excellent job preparing me for the exam and I just wanted to thank you for providing me with the information needed to successful pass the exams.  Have a great day.”

Michael Trekas, President the Meridian Business Group, LTD. Elmwood Park, IL

  • “I am delighted to tell you both that between April 19th and May 16th, after completing both training seminars, I was able to pass my Property/Casualty and Life/Health examinations on the first try!  In fact, I just completed the application for my license.  I am very grateful for your support during the training process, and I look forward to a prosperous career working in the insurance industry.”

Ross Wall, Chicago, IL

  • “I would just like to say that you had prepared me wonderfully for taking the Life and Health Insurance License Exam for the State of Illinois on December 9th and 10th.   Thanks to your teaching method and materials provided.  I felt confident taking the exams and was not as “surprised” to have passed the exams on the first attempt.  I will definitely recommend the ABRC for all insurance examination and renewal needs for my company.  Thank you for your dedication to the trade.“

Jeremy Jones, Health Alliance Medical Plans, Urbana, IL

  • “I took your Property/Casualty Seminar last week April 23 & 24 at Chicago/O’Hare Holiday Inn.  Just wanted to let you know I went to Pearson Vue yesterday and passed both exams!!  Hardest test of my life, I will admit.  But enjoyed the class!  Far as exciting as the material was, you made it enjoyable.  Cheers!”

Kelsey Zaccagnini, IPMG, St. Charles, IL

  • “I wanted to give a testimonial and say thank you to ABRC for helping me pass my Life Accident/Health Insurance Pre-Licensing tests. My instructor, Lonnie Irving, was terrific and did a great job preparing me for both tests. He was also able to make what could have been a very dry and boring subject matter interesting and enjoyable! I was able to pass both tests on the first try the following week.”

Victoria Griffin, YIG, Chicago, IL

  • “I recently attended your classes for all lines of insurance.  My Property/Casualty class was in Collinsville, IL.  My Life/Health class was in Marion, IL.  I enjoyed your classes and learned so much that I needed to know in order to pass the state exams.  I followed your instructions on the hours spent studying after the classes, and passed all lines of insurance.  I want to thank you for your time and your service in this business.”

James Daniel Chapman, Chapman Insurance Agency/Allstate, McLeansboro, IL

  • “Thanks to Jim Edwards and his great teaching skills, I passed my Life & Health tests first try!  He was fantastic and I appreciate his humor and the way he covered the material in class earlier this week.  Thanks again!”

Casey Evans, Tuscola, IL

  • “Just wanted to tell him that I passed with flying colors!  Thank you Larry for the great instruction you provide to us all!”

Krystal Lopez, Chicago, IL

  • “I was in your class on Wednesday 06/11-12 for property and casualty.  I took the test this Saturday 6/14 and passed both parts of the exam.  The test was difficult so you are right that you really have to know what you are doing and know all of your terms.  I am happy that I am done with the test and I have health and life to complete.  I wanted to thank you for being an EXCELLENT teacher, you were great.  I hope I have you as my instructor for my other classes.”

Jennifer Pajak, New Lenox, IL

  • “This is Eduardo Marquez from your seminar in Chicago/O’Hare Holiday Inn on the dates of July 23 and 24.  I wanted to thank you for the great job you did in explaining everything and preparing me for the Life and Health exams.  I took the exams on July 26 and I passed both on the first attempt.  Honestly, I could not have done it without your thorough explanations and fun examples.”

Eduardo M. Marquez, Des Plaines, IL

  • “I took your two day class on property and casualty insurance in August.  Two weeks after that I took the state test and passed both exams.  I want to thank you for preparing me for the test.  I did as you instructed and you were right if you read the books, listen in class and take the practice tests you can pass the state test.”

Jody McDougall, Country Financial, Tremont, IL

  • “I attended the Life/Health seminar Bloomington March 25-26.  I was able to schedule my exam for Friday, March 29 in Peoria and passed on the first attempt!  The practice exams really helped.  Thanks for the great instruction.  It was nice to see you again.”

Lori Miller, Bloomington, IL

  • “I was just contacting you to let you know I passed both the Life and Health producer’s licensing exams yesterday.  Thanks so much for providing such great prelicensing education for all four lines.  I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of service I have received from your company and your personal presentation.  Overall I think the material you covered in the class thoroughly represented the material on the test.  Thanks for everything.”

Ryan Hubbert, Eureka, IL


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