Insurance Pre-License Courses

To take the Illinois Insurance Producer Exams and obtain the Illinois Insurance Producers license, Illinois law requires 20 hours of pre-license education for each line of insurance. 7 ½ hours must be classroom or live, on-line webinar. The other 12 ½ hours can be by self-study. Each ABRC pre-license course provides a highly structured 12 ½ hour self-study program which includes both in-book and on-line practice tests to assure each student both understands and remembers the information to provide each student their best chance possible of passing all of their exams on their first attempt.


  • Satisfies 2010 State Insurance Pre-license Education Requirements.
  • Has successfully trained tens of thousands of individuals since 1975 for the present state insurance licensing examinations.
  • Is low-in-cost. The ABRC® program fee includes the very best seminar or live webinar, books, practice tests and answers available, as well as final exams, final exam grading, and State of Illinois Pre-License Education Certification (other organizations charge additional fees for some of these items). In addition, by passing all of the state examination the first time, fees and expenses for re-taking the examination are saved.
  • Gives lots of examples and illustrations making each technical subject clear and easy-to-understand.
  • Highlights the areas most likely to appear on the examinations
  • Tells exactly how to read the questions and choose the answers. ABRC® actually teaches you how to take the exams. By knowing how to take the exams an individual can improve his or her score by as much as 25%.
  • Requires no advance study, preparation or insurance background. ABRC® starts with the most basic concepts tested on the examination and carefully builds the individuals understanding to include even the most complex subjects covered. The individual does not have to do any advance preparation to understand this process.
  • Eliminates the guesswork, frustration and worry of not studying the right subjects and failing the exam.
  • Helps you earn more money. Knowledge gained through ABRC® programs will make the individual more confident and more successful. As a result, the individual will make more sales and earn more commissions.
  • Gives maximum individual assistance. Seminars and Webinars are 100% live, personal instruction and discussion. If an individual has a question with regard to self-study, the individual is encouraged to call the ABRC® toll-free HELP-LINE.  1-800-654-ABRC® (2272).
  • Is fully guaranteed. Any individual who completes an ABRC® seminar or webinar program and does not feel prepared to pass the State of Illinois Insurance Producer License Examination or who fails any part of the examination is allowed to re-take the seminar or webinar program within one year of the original seminar or webinar date registered for only $25.00.


  • Associates of Illinois Independent Agencies Discount. Members may subtract $25.00 per registration.
  • Insurance Company/Agency Volume User Discount. Available to insurance companies and agencies or organizations planning to send several individuals to ABRC® seminars or webinars. Call   1-800-654-ABRC® (2272) toll-free.
  • EXTRA VALUE DISCOUNTS FOR REGISTERING FOR BOTH PROPERTY/CASUALTY AND LIFE/HEALTH SEMINARS OR WEBINARS - Register for both seminars or webinars at the same time and save money. Pick any combination of convenient dates and locations. If you are unable to attend as registered, we will re-register you to any other date and/or location for up to one year.
  • One Line of Insurance Discount Subtract $50.00 if you register for one line of insurance only (such as life insurance only, health insurance only, property insurance only, or casualty insurance only).

Upcoming Pre-License Courses

Classroom seminars and live virtual webinars start at 8 am and go until 5:15 pm each day.

Online webinars are live (not pre-recorded) two-instructor webinars. Both instructors are full-time professional training instructors. One instructor will conduct the presentation and the other instructor will be available continually during the webinar to answer questions through chat so that you will clearly understand every subject. (Includes books, practice tests and answers, as well as final exams, final exam grading, and State of Illinois Pre-license Education Certification.)

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  • “I took your two day class on property and casualty insurance in August. Two weeks after that I took the state test and passed both exams. I want to thank you for preparing me for the test. I did as you instructed and you were right if you read the books, listen in class and take the practice tests you can pass the state test.”

    Jody McDougall, Country Financial, Tremont, IL

  • "Just wanted to say thank you to Jim, Lonnie, and ABRC! I took both the Property/Casualty and Life/Health pre-licensing webinars and passed both state exams on the first try! I Greatly appreciate all your work in helping us get prepared for the final exams!"

    Kyle Talkington

  • “I recently attended your classes for all lines of insurance. My Property/Casualty class was in Collinsville, IL. My Life/Health class was in Marion, IL. I enjoyed your classes and learned so much that I needed to know in order to pass the state exams. I followed your instructions on the hours spent studying after the classes, and passed all lines of insurance. I want to thank you for your time and your service in this business.”

    James Daniel Chapman, Chapman Insurance Agency/Allstate, McLeansboro, IL

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